What happens when East Coast meets West Coast? Let the Magic Begin.
Welcome to Another Big Production, founded by Elizabeth Anne Hamilton and Brad Szollose, in the belief that branding and marketing are so much more than just a logo.

It’s how you make people feel.

Secret Weapon. Disruptor. Engagement Wizard.

The Strategist:
Elizabeth Anne Hamilton

A marketing campaign is never a straight line. Much like life, there are plenty of forks in the road. Which one do you take? What happens if we do both? Keeping track of the bends and turns of Another Big Production, and the clients, rests in the capable hands of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is a seasoned book industry veteran, with over 15 years of experience working in libraries and managing book stores, as well as managing operations for small publishing companies and running New York Times marketing campaigns for major publishers. They understand what makes a book sell, from an Amazon listing to the importance of color on the bookshelf.

Why the secret weapon? Because while most of this work has been done under non-disclosure agreements, Elizabeth is now done with flying under the radar.

When not planning campaign strategy, Elizabeth is known for an active and effective social media life. An influencer, both online and off, they have spoken at Social Media Breakfast Houston, Social Media Day Houston, and Comicpalooza. Every Friday night, they host a live stream radio show about David Bowie on Facebook for over 13k listeners.

Elizabeth is also an accomplished writer, having been published in Military.com and Thrive Global, others. Their most recent book, Outline: Write Your Book Faster With a Plan, helps authors create an actionable plan to get started on their writing.

They have a heart for charity and awareness work, most especially in anti-human trafficking efforts and LGBT issues. In 2017, they co-organized and marketed a charity art show for The Landing and United Against Human Trafficking.

Elizabeth will always call New York home but divides their time in Houston and Las Vegas. They love art, David Bowie, science fiction and rambling through the wilderness.

Read more at www.meetelizabethhamilton.com



Award-winning Creative Director. Visionary. TEDXSpeaker. Web Pioneer.

The Visionary:
Brad Szollose

First things, first. How do you say Szollose? It’s pronounced zol-us.

Every great partnership needs a firestarter. Someone who can see what’s possible and choose a destination to strive towards. Relying on imagination and decades of experience, Brad provides the vision for Another Big Production.

From founding partner and CMO of K2 Design, Inc. the first Digital Agency to go public on NASDAQ to international leadership development expert, he has worked with household names like MasterCard, American Management Association and Tony Robbins, to create leadership training programs for a new generation.

As a creative director, Brad has been the creative force behind hundreds of high-end corporate events, personal and consumer brands, and website launches. Brad KNOWS how customers think and interact when it comes to your brand.

He was the senior designer and creative director for new product launches and national and international sales meetings for the following corporations: American Express, BMW, Banco Popular, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bozell, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Epromos, Ethicon, Explorer’s Club, Ford Motor Cars & Lincoln Mercury, IBM, Mercedes-Benz, Merck, Mobil, Novartis, Pfizer, Rhône Poulenc Rhorer, Seagram’s, Self Magazine, Shire Pharmaceuticals, Sunoco, UNCF, Vintner’s, and Xerox.

Today, the world’s leading business publications seek out Brad’s insights on next-generation leadership development, branding and modern Management Strategies, and he has been featured (both print and online versions) in Forbes, Inc., Advertising Age, USA Today, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, International Business Times, Le Journal du Dimanche (France), and The Hindu Business Line to name a few, along with television, radio and podcast appearances on CGTN America, CBS, Roku Network and other media outlets.

Brad is the recipient of the Corporate Identity Design Award and the Axiom Business Book Award along with various awards for website and print design. As a C-Level executive at K2, his unique management model was awarded the Arthur Andersen New York Enterprise Award for Best Practices in Fostering Innovation Amongst Employees (Workforce Culture).

Brad continues to challenge the status quo with his new book, Liquid Leadership 2.0, and his new podcast, Awakened Nation.

After 35 years in New York City, he now calls Las Vegas home. In his free time, he enjoys hiking in the mountains, working Star Trek and Dune quotes into everyday conversation, and making art.

Learn more about Brad at www.bradszollose.com